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Omagh Integrated Primary School and Nursery, Omagh

Making learning visible

6th Mar 2022

These photos are some snapshots of our Year Twos in action this week and help to make our learning visible. During our play, Year Two are:

⭐️ developing their creativity and imagination;

⭐️ connecting to reality and the real-world;

⭐️ interacting with others;

⭐️ taking part in language-rich experiences, where vocabulary and conversation are at the forefront;

⭐️ strengthening their independence and sense of self;

⭐️ developing essential skills such as observing, enquiring, investigating, constructing and deconstructing;

⭐️ practising concentration and focus;

⭐️ enhancing cognitive abilities;

⭐️ developing fine and gross motor skills;

⭐️ developing hand-eye coordination;

⭐️ developing social and emotional skills;

⭐️ applying mathematical and scientific thinking; and

⭐️ practising negotiation and communication skills.

That’s some list of learning to have worked on in just a week!