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Omagh Integrated Primary School and Nursery, Omagh

You smile, I smile 😊 Children’s Mental Health Week

24th Feb 2022

During Children’s Mental Health Week Year 1 took a little extra time to help the children feel good, talk about their concerns and worries and in general reinforce how amazing each and every one of us is.

Year 1 already love Twiggle Time,  and each week we check in with our feeling through our PATHS programme. This week was just that little bit more special.

It was time to learn to do Turtle and use Turtle when we felt angry or upset. We loved reading Twiggle Learns to do Turtle and using this throughout the week when we felt a certain way.

We also loved our Relax Kids session with Nula where she talked to us about our worries and how we can soon feel better if we just talk about them.

In class we made a worry bottle- we each popped our worry into the bottle and then shook it away. It was nice to share our worries and know we are not alone.

Then it was bubble time, again we shared any worries or concerns and just popped them away...