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Omagh Integrated Primary School and Nursery, Omagh

🔠 Active alphabet learning 🔠

17th Jan 2024

👉🏼 Active learning is so important for our pupils, at every stage of their learning journey. Learning by doing, using a hands-on approach, is an important part of learning in Miss Eccles’ Year Two class.

🔠 This week, Miss Eccles’ Year Two pupils have been developing their knowledge of the names of the letters of the alphabet, as well as developing their awareness of alphabetical order. 

🌟 Our Year Twos showed great awareness of alphabetical order and also of capital letters. They were also using language such as lower-case and upper-case. Our children were also developing their awareness of letter names, and putting this knowledge into practice.

✅ Selecting and sticking the letters was a great way of helping children develop their fine motor skills.

✅ Many great examples of problem-solving were on display; for example, one child couldn’t find a letter H, so she decided to use a capital I, which she rotated, to form the capital H shape.

👍🏻 After some initial adult instruction, children were able to complete this task  independently - using the alphabet arc to guide their work if needed.

🌟 Well done, Year Two. We are so proud of you!