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Omagh Integrated Primary School and Nursery, Omagh

At the gym 💪🏻!

3rd Oct 2023

Here are a few photos from a moment of play in Miss Eccles’ Year 2 class this morning.

On first look, these photos may just show children holding a cardboard tube. However, the photos are also evidence of so much learning and lots of fun too, of course!

💭 Some of the boys decided to use the cylinders, which were available for play in the construction zone of the room, as gym equipment this morning. 

💪🏻 Lifting, carrying and holding large pieces of construction materials, like these, as well as actually exercising with them was a great way of developing gross motor skills.

🌟 There was creativity in evidence here too, as the boys decided to use the materials on offer as a prop for use in imaginative play. 

🔢 The boys were counting aloud as they were exercising - all the way up to 100! There was prediction and estimation thrown in there too, with the children asking each other, ‘How many times do you think I can lift this?’ We also heard some great mathematical language, when the boys were comparing their cylinders, using vocabulary like, ‘heavier’ and ‘longer’. 

💬 So many opportunities for language development were intertwined with the gym work this morning. I heard vocabulary like ‘benchpress’, ‘exercising’, ‘workout’ and even heard one child saying, ‘I’m knackered!’

🤝 I couldn’t catch it on camera, but one boy was even spotting for the other as they were ‘doing the weights’. The cooperation and group work going on was pretty special to see.

👏🏻 Perhaps most special was the sense of achievement the boys displayed when their day at the gym was over with.