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Omagh Integrated Primary School and Nursery, Omagh

Children v Litter

11th Oct 2023

It was a battle of children versus litter this morning in school and, thanks to the hard work of Miss Eccles’ Year Twos, the children won - the litter didn’t stand a chance!

As well as a tidier school grounds, our Year Twos themselves also benefitted greatly from their litter picking adventures this morning. Our children were:
🌟 learning about environmental responsibility;
🌟 developing their muscles, gross motor skills and fitness, as they walked, bent, stretched and reached to pick up the litter;
🌟 developing their fine motor skills, as they picked up the smaller pieces of litter;
🌟 learning about teamwork and cooperation; and
🌟 building a sense of pride in their accomplishments. 

Having fun and learning lots in practical, engaging activities - another great day in Year Two πŸ₯°!