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Omagh Integrated Primary School and Nursery, Omagh

Mud was off the menu last week!

22nd Jan 2024

❄️ Last week’s snow brought a flurry of opportunities for problem-solving in Miss Eccles’ Year Two class, as well as lots of enthusiasm, excitement and much engagement in learning. 

❄️ The children decided, themselves, to give our mud kitchen a seasonal twist. They had to find ways of collecting enough snow and ice to use in the mud kitchen - there was much imagination and initiative on display here!

❄️ The snow and ice brought such a different sensory experience, and it was also a great medium for mark making. 

❄️ Children’s senses were most definitely engaged, especially their senses of touch and sight, and were used to make many observations as they worked and played. One little lady wondered what would happen if she sprayed water onto ice. We talked about her predictions first, and then she went to test her theory out. She told me that the water ‘came out of the sprayer like water’, which she didn’t think would happen, as she thought the water would be ‘too hard and icy to come out of the sprayer’. The water very quickly froze when it was sprayed on to a surface. The opportunities for scientific learning were incredible here, and all initiated by the child herself. 

❄️ Exploring snow and ice in first-hand experiences like these are not only fundamental for children’s learning, they are also a great way to have fun with friends - happy children, learning lots! What could be more important?