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Omagh Integrated Primary School and Nursery, Omagh

The brilliance of block play

13th Mar 2022

Block play is a key feature of effective play and practice in Foundation Stage, and beyond, for good reason!

When offered to children as an open-ended, creative play experience, block play is not only brilliant but so beneficial and a real boost to learning!

Block play:

🧱 Allows children the freedom to follow their own ideas and express themselves through their creations and discoveries;

⭐️ Offers a great platform to develop problem-solving and reasoning skills;

🧱 Is a great way to reinforce so many mathematical concepts;

⭐️ Promotes the development of spatial awareness;

🧱 Develops hand-eye coordination;

⭐️ Helps develop familiarity with concepts such as balance, weight, spatial awareness and gravity;

🧱 Encourages children to take risks;

⭐️ Supports and promotes a sense of children's belief in themselves and what they can do;

🧱 Allows children to negotiate with their peers, to take turns, share materials and cooperate with others;

⭐️ Fosters self-reliance and increases attention span; and

🧱 Promotes countless opportunities for discussion, the development of new vocabulary, social interactions with adults and peers, supporting story creation and collaborative storytelling.

Combining blocks with small world resources and a range of loose parts and reclaimed materials is a recipe for success! Just take a look at our Year Two stars in action and see for yourselves!