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Omagh Integrated Primary School and Nursery, Omagh

Wallpaper can help us learn!

4th Jun 2024

Did you know, as part of the art and design curriculum in the foundation stage, that children should investigate, create and develop ideas using colours, lines, shapes, textures and patterns?

The Year Two pupils, in Miss Eccles’ class, have been using wallpaper samples to help them develop this part of their learning. As they browsed through the sample books, children were using their senses (particularly sight and touch) to explore the wallpaper. They were also using some excellent examples of visual language to describe what they were examining and observing.

Children then got to work on creating their own paper collages, further developing their picture and pattern making skills. As children added wallpaper samples to their pictures, they were exploring the different textural qualities, patterns and colours of the wallpaper, and other materials, as they created their collage work.

We were entering an art competition, the theme of which was ‘penguins’, so we decided to use the paper collages as a background for the penguins, which the children drew, coloured, painted and decorated all by themselves.

Awesome artists in action!