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Omagh Integrated Primary School and Nursery, Omagh

Year 5 visit the Navan Centre

7th Feb 2023

On Tuesday the Year 5 class travelled to the Navan Centre and Fort for an Ancient Egyptian project day. The pupils had 3 workshops, the first of which was meeting User the slave and his master, the farmer. They discussed the River Nile and how it supported the farming and lives of many Egyptian people. We also saw an ancient Egyptian toilet and pillow!

The second workshop was designing and making Egyptian crowns and lastly in the third workshop the pupils got to mummify Alex! They took part in the arduous task of cleaning the body, removing several organs and putting these in the canonic jars and then wrapping the body for burial in the pyramid. 

It was a fun day with lots of activities to interest and involve everyone. Thanks to all the staff at the Navan centre for a great trip.