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Omagh Integrated Primary School and Nursery, Omagh

Year 6 enjoy International Mathematics Day 🧮

15th Mar 2023

As part of celebrating International Mathematics Day, Year 6 were given the opportunity to explore IZAK9. In class the children were split into three teams, with each team working with one of the walls which is made up of 9 cubes. Helix and Abacus set tasks for the pupils and asked them to arrange the cubes in a particular way. We love IZAK9 because...

🧮 It develops our Mental Maths strategies!

🧮 Children are given the chance to ‘Plan, do and review!’

🧮 IZAK9 gives us the opportunity to be creative, take risks, have a go and even fail before we succeed!

🧮 It helps turn us into problem solvers, decision makers and team players!

🧮 Izak9 makes Mathematics fun and interactive!